Another Bad Side Quest

A dark, gaslamp fantasy (previously D&D 5e) Cypher System Actual Play. Set in the homebrew world of Texildra, follow our fated allies as they attempt to out run the destructive power of the Order of Ruin.ABSQ aims to produce intriguing stories using a variety of TTRPG systems.

Current Projects

Main Campaign

The ABSQ main campaign is a long form (previously D&D 5e) Cypher System story with episodes premiering every Friday on Youtube!

A Change In Gold

A Change in Gold is a mini series set over 1000 years before the events of the main campaign and following the four members of Foragers & Forestry. A dark queen rises on the island of Immola, what will come of her reign?

Past Projects

The Edensong Chronicles

The Edensong Chronicles follows a trio of mecha pilots from the biodome of Edensong, home to the last vestiges of humanity. Using the Forged in the Dark system, DISASTER/WING is designed by A Couple of Drakes

Carbon 2185

The ABSQ crew takes to the future with a Carbon 2185 side quest. A crew of bounty hunters bite off more than they can chew and fight their way through the stars.

The Dead Trip

Using a homebrew system designed by himself, Ian leads a band of unlikely allies across the country as they attempt to survive the zombie apocolypse.

ABSQ by Night

ABSQ takes the bloody dive into Vampire : The Masquerade 5e with a 4 part mini series. A coterie of vampires is formed as they investigate where a number of humans in their city are disappearing to.